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Brad & Laura

Below, Kristen surprised her new husband, Ben, on their June 16 wedding day with a ride in our Hudson!

Jillian & Shawn




This was for my son’s senior prom and he loved it. The car was absolutely beautiful and in pristine condition. Our driver was so charming!  He went over all of the updated safety features on the car to reassure this nervous momma! I would definitely recommend this service to others.  It made my son’s special night that much more spectacular.  He said this car was 'way better than any limo could be'. His favorite part was the 50s music the
driver played during the drive.

—Colleen Foote, June 2018 



Oncology Rides


As a cancer survivor, MGH owner Kathy Corse wants to offer encouragement to those going through treatment. On our very first Oncology Ride Sue had a complimentary round-trip ride to her doctor visit, complete with red carpet treatment and flowers. We got our favorite review yet from Sue: "It's the best day of my life!"


“I hired My Grandpa's Hudson for my daughter's prom not only for the Hudson but for the business owner. Knowing Kathy for years I knew it would be a wonderful investment. She pays attention to every detail and the extra touches were outstanding!  Brian, the driver, was professional and related so well to the kids. They were in great hands with a safe driver and a safe automobile.”

—Damianne Garcia, June 2018 

“On Mother’s Day, our family traveled in the Hudson to a special brunch at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Binghamton. The car is so beautiful and it brought back many fond memories for me and for my Mother who is 76 years old. Brian, our chauffeur, went out of his way to make our ride so special. He had umbrellas ready as we got into the car. It was such a unique experience, very different than riding in a limousine. I felt like I was Katherine Hepburn!”
Patti Wolfe, May 2018


Kathy Corse, owner


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