Automotive history brought to life

Our Hudson was found in a garage where it had been sitting untouched for 30 years. The craftsmen at Wildrick Restoration of Shelbyville, IN, saved it from the crusher and restored it to its original beauty.

The six-month process involved removing, inspecting, cleaning, repairing and sometimes replacing EVERYTHING in the car! For example, our Hudson has a new heating system, new windows, completely restored fuel and brake systems and more restored chrome than you could imagine! The extensive number of renovations makes this a safe, dependable luxury automobile that looks and rides like new.


The 1951 Hudson featured a “step-down design” that made it the lowest car on the highway but gave it more inside head room than any other car of the day.

According to promotional material “you ride within Hudson’s new box-steel frame, not on top of the frame.” The frame “completely encircles you....Structural members, body panels, roof and floor are welded into one solid unit. The new Hudson is America’s safest car made safer!”


We have all the original paper-work for the car, including the owner’s manual, bills of sale, insurance papers and battery care instructions. We even have the free pencil given to the original owner by the dealer!

Look for these unique features on the Commodore 8:

• Original prism traffic light viewer

• Hudson factory tissue dispenser

• Door handle nail guards

• Electric fan under dashboard

• Window and front vent window visors

• Restored factory radio

• Seat belts

• Exterior spare tire pressure gauge

• Tinted side glass

• De-skidder canisters in trunk                    (rare but non-operational!)


Kathy Corse, owner



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