Owner Kathy Corse fondly remembers riding in her grandfather's 1949 Hudson with her siblings and cousins. "Grandpa made every road trip so much fun!" she says. For years she has wanted to use her entrepreneurial talents to create a business where others could relive or make their own memories by enjoying a ride in a Hudson.

The 1951 Hudson Commodore 8

Our Hudson was found in a garage where it has been sitting untouched for 30 years. The craftsmen at Wildrick Restoration of Shelbyville, IN, saved it from the crusher and restored it to its original beauty.

The six-month process involved removing, inspecting, cleaning, repairing and sometimes replacing EVERYTHING in the car! The extensive number of renovations makes this a safe, dependable luxury automobile that looks and rides like new.

Owner Kathy Corse and her grandpa,
Orval Wesley Shaffer, c. 1960

The "Orval Wesley" (named after the owner's grandfather) will be driven by vintage car expert and chauffeur Gary Muehlbauer and his team of skilled drivers.


Kathy Corse, owner



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